Judge Rules Cullman County, Alabama’s Bail System Illegally Discriminates Against the Poor

Blog   |   September 18, 2018

ACLU – Today, people who were jailed simply because they could not afford bail in Cullman County, Alabama, won a significant victory when a federal court judge ruled that the practice of jailing those who cannot pay is unconstitutional. The judge … Continue reading

Black families are denied victim compensation more often than white families

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REVEAL NEWS – Every state has a crime victim compensation fund to reimburse people for the financial wallop that can come with being a victim. Florida is one of seven states that bar people with a criminal record from receiving victim … Continue reading

The NRA’s catch-22 for Black men shot by police

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THE ATLANTIC – The city of Dallas, Texas, has been rocked by news of an off-duty police officer shooting a black man in his own apartment. On September 6, the off-duty police officer Amber Guyger entered Botham Jean’s apartment and shot … Continue reading

Van Dyke trial: Jury sees video of white Chicago police officer shooting Laquan McDonald

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NBC NEWS – Prosecutors on Monday showed jurors video of a white Chicago police officer opening fire on black teenager Laquan McDonald, saying the 2014 fatal shooting was “completely unnecessary.” The video shows Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting McDonald 16 times … Continue reading