ACLU Response to White House Drug Policy Proposal

Blog   |   March 19, 2018

The White House announced a new proposal today for policies that respond to the opioid addiction crisis, including possibly imposing the death penalty for those charged with dealing drugs. Jesselyn McCurdy, deputy director of the American Civil Liberties Union Washington … Continue reading

Podcast: LinkedIn for Lawyers

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Do you and your firm have profiles on LinkedIn, and more importantly, are you getting the most out of the social network? In this On the Road podcast from the Legal Talk Network, Laurence Colletti talks to Dennis Kennedy and … Continue reading

‘What happens when the business and practice of law is through with you?’

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Most people go into the practice of law with some sort of goal in mind: be it justice, social reform or other “greater good” goals, or the accumulation of wealth and success. But what happens to lawyers who never achieve … Continue reading

Modern Niche Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Bottom Line

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If you could simultaneously enhance your customer relationships, overshadow your competitors, and increase your bottom line, would you? With niche marketing, you can achieve them all. The solution is in working smarter, not harder.  By focusing your efforts on a … Continue reading