One Georgia city’s entire justice system is run by Black women

Black woman judge

CNN reports that South Fulton, an Atlanta suburb and one of Georgia’s newest cities, has the distinction of being perhaps the first city in the nation to have its criminal justice system led entirely by Black women. The city of South Fulton was incorporated in May 2017, and work soon began on putting together a municipal court system. The women are quick to point out that this wasn’t some kind of grand diversity experiment by South Fulton, Georgia’s fifth-largest city, whose population is almost 90% black. Read the full story from CNN.

Harvard Business Review shares 5 tips for successful workplace diversity programs

Diversity arial view

Research shows that most workplace diversity programs fail to produce meaningful diversity and inclusion, and some have actually increased bias among individual employees, according to a report by HBR. The first tip is to bystander intervention training, so people know how to step in when they observe instances of bias and discrimination. Read the full article from the Harvard Business Review. 

Legal is getting more diverse, except at the top

black lawyer juryA record 16 percent of law firms have minority lawyers working for them, according to The Washington Post. However, minorities holding leadership positions continue to lag behind. The Minority Corporate Counsel Association says only nine percent of law firm leadership positions are held by people of color. “All these conversations and efforts are focused on diversity, but it’s just not changing at the top,” Jean Lee, president and chief executive of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, told the Post. Who’s been benefiting from years of diversity initiatives? Find out in this story from the Post.