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Prior to becoming an attorney, Caree Harper was one of the most decorated police officers in an East Bay Area department, achieving a "Marksman Medal" for shooting skills, and a "Lifesaving Medal" for diving into a canal of water, pulling out an unconscious, submerged driver and performing CPR until the victim was airlifted to safety where he fully recovered. Ms. Harper was injured in the line of duty. She was re-trained to be a certified paralegal and worked for several law firms before law school. She passed the California Bar Examination on the first attempt.

Caree also works for social good, contributing regularly to the Special Olympics and the Democratic Party. Known for her commitment to pro bono work, she was recognized in the County of Los Angeles when she received the Shirley Fields Volunteer Award for dedicating almost 50 percent of her time to pro bono work during one year. For 10 years Caree Harper handled dozens of pro bono matters for the Pasadena NAACP .

In 2008, Caree Harper was one of hundreds of California attorneys dispersed throughout the country to oversee the polls in the Presidential Election. She was directly responsible for the calculation of ballots of voters initially turned away for unconstitutional reasons. In 2012, Caree was an active volunteer and registered voters.

During a criminal trial involving excessive force and the prosecution of the survivor of that force, Caree Harper was struck by a pickup truck as a pedestrian. After she landed, she was able to put her glasses back on and get 6 of the 7 digits of the license plate just before police and ambulance services arrived. Pasadena Police refused to broadcast the plate until she initiated a claim to sue the department. A mistrial would have forfeited the diverse jury already impaneled, so her client and his brother carried her into court and she carried him to a victory.

In 2014, Caree settled a wrongful death case involving 19-year-old Kendrec McDade, killed by Pasadena police and later that same year Caree obtained a $1.5 million dollar settlement for CHP beating survivor Marlene Pinnock and had the terms of the termination of the officer embodied in the Settlement Agreement -setting precedent. Caree has recently accepted the cases of Clinton Alford who was kicked by LAPD and the 8-month pregnant woman thrown down by Barstow police.

Caree loves family, friends, most sports and hates lima beans.