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Upon completion of high school, Attorney Eldridge Suggs joined the U.S. Navy where he served on a ship stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. During his tour of the Far East, Suggs witnessed people who needed help, and as a result, he developed a passion for helping others further. After returning home from overseas, Attorney Suggs joined the Houston, Texas Police Department where he served four years - the last one as an undercover drug enforcement officer. Suggs believed that he could help the people from a different perspective and set out to become a lawyer.

Attorney Suggs received his law degree from Arizona State University, College of Law after his undergraduate degree from the University of California at Irvine.

Attorney Eldridge Suggs started his practice as a criminal defense and civil rights attorney, which is where he gained essential experience in trial litigation, negotiation, and appellate advocacy. On the federal level, and as a civil rights advocate, Suggs was successful when representing the family of a man who was killed in a county jail. Attorney Suggs was also persuasive before the Honorable Georgia Supreme Court where the court granted his client, whom had a life sentence, a new trial after being incarcerated for 10 years. The man now lives in freedom due to the knowledge, experience and expertise of Attorney Suggs.

Suggs' approach to representing those who have been injured is aggressive to ensure that his injured clients gain the large rewards that they deserve. His passion and mission is to provide a safer community for all, through his aggressive and spot on advocacy. Suggs has recovered millions of dollars, and has given his clients a voice to express their pain and to live the quality of life that they deserve post accident and injury.

Suggs has traveled the country to lend his help to people of all areas, and has over 17 years of experience practicing law. His experience in Georgia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and California is highly recognized by judges, fellow attorneys, and insurance companies. His success rate is exemplary and widely noticed.

The former clients of Attorney Suggs serve as his voice in the community for people who need legal representation for personal injury cases. Attorney Suggs is well-known for providing professional legal services and a peace of mind to his clients.