21 Savage’s legal team says he’s not a convicted felon, ICE gave incorrect information

21 Savage

THE ROOT — Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage has a legal dream team, and they say that information released to the press by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was incorrect.

Savage’s dream team — which consists of attorneys from LaPolt Law, P.C., Kuck | Baxter Immigration Partners LLC, The Steel Law Firm, P.C., Daniels & Smith, LLC, Law Firm Of Abbi S. Taylor, LLC, and Icon Business Management, Inc. — released a statement on Thursday clearing up some of the questions that arose after Savage’s arrest.

Here’s a summary: Savage has lived in the U.S. since he was in the first grade, he is not a convicted felon, and the Department of Homeland Security has known his whereabouts since at least 2017 when the rapper applied for a U visa.

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Liam Neeson’s shameful confession sheds light on implicit racial bias

Liam Neeson

NBC NEWS — Liam Neeson is in the hot seat after a UK newspaper published a story that includes his recount of a dark moment in his past.

In the interview, Neeson confessed that nearly 40 years ago, after a woman close to him told him that she had been raped, he had a “primal urge” to seek revenge against any black person regardless of whether or not they had been involved in the crime:

“And after that, there were some nights I went out deliberately into black areas in the city, looking to be set upon so that I could unleash physical violence.”

The actor expressed shame, guilt, and even disbelief at his own actions. Hopefully, Neeson’s confession will prop open the doors to a deeper conversation about implicit racial biases and the situations in which these biases tend to bubble to the surface.

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