Meet Lauren Underwood, the youngest black Congresswoman in U.S. history

NBC NEWS — Lauren Underwood, a 32-year-old registered nurse with two master’s degrees from Johns Hopkins University, became the youngest black woman in history to serve in Congress when she was sworn into the House of Representatives last week.

A Democrat hailing from Naperville, Illinois, Underwood began her career in politics under the Obama administration in 2014 as a policy professional. She worked to implement the Affordable Care Act two years later after becoming a senior adviser at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Underwood defeated Republican Randy Hultgren in the November 6th election, winning 52.2% of the vote.

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How the estate tax treats black-owned businesses unfairly

As House Republicans work to repeal the estate tax as part of the GOP’s tax reform package, an opinion piece at The Hill says that the estate tax treats black-owned businesses unfairly. According to contributor Harry Alford, many black-owned businesses are first generation, and “These business owners do not want to sell out at fire sale prices to pay the estate tax and eliminate the livelihoods for the next generation in addition to the jobs for those who they employ.” Read the complete analysis at The Hill.