‘Existing While Black’ sheds light on racial profiling and discrimination

Upset Black Man

HUFFINGTON POST — HuffPost asked black readers to share their stories of being subjected to racial profiling and discrimination. They described moments when someone called the police on them for no apparent reason aside from their race. They recalled scenarios of cops stopping and searching them because their skin color made them look “suspicious.” They also said how maddening it is to live with the constant anxiety of possibly having their presence — and innocence — questioned.

Existing While Black is a small collection of real anecdotes that underscores the unjust policing of black bodies, according to readers. Due to how deeply racism is woven into society’s DNA, this list is by no means comprehensive. HuffPost will continue to update this list and highlight the constant burden we face. This issue deserves more attention than a few headlines in the news cycle.

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Black Tesla worker files lawsuit over racial harassment

A black employee at electric car manufacturer Tesla has filed a lawsuit alleging harassment by fellow assembly workers at the California plant. DeWitt Lambert says his co-workers routinely taunted him with racial slurs and threats of violence. Lambert also says he was passed over for promotions because of his race. Daniel Wiessner of Reuters has details on the lawsuit in this story at Automotive News.